Do you have a new home and are not sure how to arrange it? Do you have a space that is difficult to organize and divide? Or do you just need someone who thinks along with you or gives advice for the design of your home?


Everything is possible - depending on your wishes and needs, LB will start with the design of an interior for your home, such as the living room, bathroom, bedroom, attic or the staircase.

If you prefer to hand over the renovation, LB will be responsible for the entire project management of the renovation.

Heb je een nieuw huis en weet nog niet zeker hoe je het moet indelen? Wil je eindelijk die droomkeuken in je huis waar je al zo lang over nadenkt? Of heb je gewoon iemand nodig die met je mee denkt of advies geeft voor de inrichting of verbouwing van de woning?


Alles kan, afhankelijk van jouw wensen en behoeftes zal het team van LB aan de gang gaan met het een interieuradvies op maat voor jouw woning. Wil je de verbouwing liever uit handen geven, dan zal LB het volledige project management van de verbouwing voor haar rekening nemen.

Interieuradvies | Interieurontwerp


Lexi Beckord helps you to design and create the interior of your home or business space. With the experience and knowledge as an interior designer, LB translates your wishes and needs into an interior that suits you. 



A great interior design concept comes to its own with the right styling and alignment of the space. Lexi Beckord makes sure to fully complete the concept by styling your home or business space; using the right colors on the wall, selecting appropriate furniture, choose the right lighting and accessories that make your interior personal.

Bouwen & Verbouwen


A renovation can be very time consuming and stressful. Are you planning to renovate your home, but do not have the time or the desire to coordinate and monitor the renovation works? Project Management also belongs to the possibilities that Lexi Beckord can provide. LB will make sure that the renovation is fully coordinated and completed to the highest standard.