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The Team of Lexi Beckord

Here at Lexi Beckord Interior Design, we stand for unique designs with character, while still making sure to give you a space to feel home at.  


We believe that personal style always wins over trends. We love combining design pieces with personal elements, creating exciting colour combinations and if possible, we'll always choose natural materials over synthetic materials and hand crafted over mass produced.


We're a boutique studio that creates well-designed interiors for your home or business space. 


Our studio is based in The Hague. We believe in avocado toast, oat milk cappuccinos, working early mornings and mid-day lunch breaks.


Get to know a bit more about the team below.

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Lexi Beckord

Interior Designer & Stylist

Lexi Beckord helps you design  the interior of your home or business space.

With the necessary experience and knowledge as an interior designer, LB translates your wishes and needs into an interior and styling that suits you.

While doing this, she takes into account the architectural style of the house and / or the building, the purposes of use, the light, and wishes of you as a client.


LB designs interiors for and gives advice to individuals as well as companies, retail and hospitality. Suitable for every budget, she creates spaces where you can live, work or meet in a pleasant way.

Marlon Hersevoort

Interior designer and stylist.

My passion for design started at a young age, since my father is an architect. 


I love a neutral base with nuanced colours. By using off-white instead of just white or for example faded black instead of black it immediately gives more warmth and calmness to a space. Besides that, it is so much easier to combine with everything else. 


I also have a major crush for art, design objects and lighting. These things will make the interior really interesting and far away from boring. I like simplicity and minimalism, but I like a good eyecather as well! 

Marlon Hersevoort.jpg

What clients say about us.

Lexi is a lovely person to work with. Conversation is very easy yet extremely structured. In our first meeting she spent time listening to our needs and wishes then gradually moved that into a plan and ultimately delivered the most amazing design for our new kitchen. She is very experienced and adapts to each individuals approach and needs. Our target was to revamp the kitchen with a warm modern look within a strict set budget and we are extremely happy with the result.



Nathy & Alexander

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