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The big city has to make way for a quieter and greener life on the outskirts of The Hague, but more importantly: in the vicinity of the beach.


The semi-detached house offers all the space and comfort for a new life close to the dunes. However, a typical new-build house still lacks character and cosiness; that's exactly what we wanted to add to their new home.

Through a different layout and the use of materials and colors, we have added personality to the interior which radiates cosiness, which was very important for the clients. In addition, the interior also radiates peace and space, with light colors as a starting point and some sturdy elements.


On the ground floor, the kitchen plays an important role as a "social hub", but a seating area also offers space to relax. The French doors give a view of the garden, which will become an important part of the house.


In short, the house offers all the comforts of a new-build home, while the layout and interior ensure that it is a unique and special home for the customer.